Weight Loss

Using Hypnosis to help lose weight is proven as one of the effective forms of treatment that lasts long term. Singer Lily Allen,  celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, and actor Orlando Bloom have all used hypnosis to successfully change their eating habits and lose weight.

Using the relaxing and natural techniques of hypnotherapy, we are able to provide a weight loss programme bespoke to you. Its time to stop depriving yourself of food that you enjoy, we all know that doesn’t work long term and old habits begin to resurface again. We can help you feel happy without the foods you crave, and by working together for you to lose weight you no longer will feel that you are living a life depriving yourself.

Most of us have tried diets, slimming pills, and other alternative treatments, which although might work short term, they fail long term. By choosing Hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goal you have already taken one step forward to positive and long term change. Our sessions use suggestions and hypnosis and when necessary NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) These techniques will help enforce permanent changes in your eating or drinking habits, motivation to exercise and most importantly your inner well being.

In specific cases gastric band hypnosis is available for added benefit and can be discussed within your consultation.