The Wealden Hypnotherapy Practice Curing Phobias Hypnosis Programme has and continues to help people who are adversely affected by phobias. Phobias can often have a debilitating effect on all aspects of people’s lives.

Is a phobia affecting your personal life? Your career? , your enjoyment of life, opportunities, relationships?

Physical symptoms

People with phobias often experience Panic attacks which can be very frightening and distressing. The symptoms often occur suddenly and without warning.

As well as overwhelming feelings of anxiety, a panic attack can cause physical symptoms, such as:

  •     sweating
  •     trembling
  •     hot flushes or chills
  •     shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  •     rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)
  •     a sensation of butterflies in the stomach
  •     nausea
  •     dizziness
  •     feeling faint
  •     numbness or pins and needles
  •     dry mouth
  •     a need to go to the toilet

Psychological symptoms

In severe cases, you may also experience psychological symptoms, such as:

  •     fear of losing control
  •     fear of fainting
  •     feelings of dread
  •     fear of dying

Hypnotherapy can be a very useful aid allowing you the freedom of permanent change, so your phobia no longer hinders your enjoyment of life and gives you a future feeling confident and calm.