Hypnotherapy is a respected and valuable tool for managing the stresses of an IVF cycle and helping you to work with your body in a positive way. When couples are going through IVF treatment, they can become removed from the mind-body connection that we believe is fundamental to fertility. The IVF process focuses on the ‘mechanics’, such as hormones, tubes and sperm count, yet a high percentage of couples having IVF have no identifiable physical problem, falling into the ‘unexplained’ group.

We pride ourselves on the respect that we have attained in the field of hypnotherapy for IVF. We work on the principle that ‘where the mind leads the body will follow.’ How often do you hear the phrase, “you must stay positive” – even whilst you are going through what is probably the most challenging, stress-inducing time of your life?

Using Hypnotherapy and other holistic methods we will give you strategies to deal with the emotional roller coaster that can ensue when you go through an IVF cycle and indeed beyond that through to the process of pregnancy and birth as wew also provide Hypnobirthing Antenatal classes at www.hypnobambinos.co.uk. We provide you the tools to maintain a robust psychological and emotional state. With our strategies you can prepare for the physical process of IVF and should you have any medical phobias or issues such as needle phobias etc., these would be dealt with during this process.