Depression afflicts millions of people in the UK every year. For some, it is a brief episode which occurs only once in their life time. However, for many it is either chronic or recurrent, and can significantly impact their lives. It can become a very debilitating condition, and effect almost every area of a persons life.

Hypnosis has become recognized as an effective treatment for many individuals with depression.

Hypnosis for depression can help you address the underlying cause as well as help you find much more effective coping behaviours. It can also help you achieve a happier mood and decrease or dispel any pessimistic and negative thoughts that generally accompany depression.

As Hypnotherapists we will use a combination of suggestion and imagery to bring about positive changes in the unconscious processes so that you will experience a new sense of freedom and a greater sense of control over your thoughts, your mood, and your life in general.

As a Hypnotherapist we will use positive affirmations and suggestions in a session once you have reached a state of deep relaxation. It is during this relaxed state that positive suggestions are very effective. For example, positive and present tense statements such as “I feel happy and optimistic, and am in control of my life”, or “I am a worthwhile person who has much to offer others” may be used.

While not all depression is triggered by a traumatic or painful event, hypnosis can be a useful technique to help the someone learn new responses to painful triggers if indicated.

Healthy and more positive associations which empower you can be learned to replace those which may have kept the you in a state of depression. In the future the you will be less susceptible to similar events and will be able to respond to them more positively.