Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Getting pregnant is not just about having sex at the ‘right’ time,’ sex all the time’ or going through the motions of IVF. The mind is a very powerful tool that can have a very powerful influence on the whole process of conception to giving birth!

Negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors can all lead to increased stress, anxiety and sometimes depression, getting in the way of your goal of conceiving. The hardest thing to hear when you are addressing the issues of fertility is ‘ stay positive’ or ‘don’t give up’

As common as this advice may be, many couples need support in attaining a relaxed and optimistic mind-set during what can be one of the most important and stressful times of your life.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way of tuning into the mental state that gives you the power to:

    • Reduce your stress
    • Give you a truly positive mind-set
    • Release any deep-seated fears and anxieties
    • Work through any possible emotional blocks
    • “Re-programme” unhelpful habits for a more positive outlook

Hypnotherapy is a natural process of inducing hypnosis through relaxation and then making positive suggestions to the subconscious part of your mind where you are always in control. The state of hypnosis is a naturally occurring event during which your body is relaxed and your mind is highly focused, just like day-dreaming. As leading hypnotherapists we will support you through their very personal journey with the sole aim of helping you achieve the best possible mind-set in overcoming your fertility concerns.

What to expect

A typical session of hypnotherapy will begin with us getting to know you and about your journey so far, as well as your goals and objectives for the session. If it is your first session we will explain how hypnosis works and allay any concerns or anxieties. You will then be invited to make yourself comfortable, either sitting or lying on a couch.

When you are deeply relaxed, the hypnotherapist may make suggestions, guide you through a visualization exercise  to reinforce positive thoughts of conception to make a positive impact on your subconscious mind. When you are under hypnosis, you are always completely in control and aware of your surroundings. After your session, you will feel relaxed, calm and able to carry on with your day feeling more confident and relaxed about your journey.

The impact of hypnotherapy is cumulative, so we recommend that you book a few sessions in advance so that you will achieve the full benefits  of your course of your treatment. You will be given a set of tools and techniques that you can then use on your own, empowering you to access the most positive state of mind possible, whenever and wherever you need.

We use hypnotherapy for women who are either trying naturally or who are going through IVF.