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Hypnotherapy Testimonials


Barbara has totally changed my life. When I first came to her I was skeptical but she has changed my mind and my whole way of thinking.

I have lost 10 pounds in weight and do not over eat anymore only eat if I am hungry and drink lots of water. I no longer drink during the week if I am stressed from working only at weekends and when I do drink I do so a lot less than before. I have lot more energy and go to Zumba Yoga weekly and I walk 7 miles Nordic walking every 2 weeks. Her relaxation technique has really worked as I have suffer from my nerves and anxiety for a long time now.

It has been the best thing I have ever done and I will be keeping up the good work from now on, I feel so much more positive than I did a few months ago about everything in my life.

Karen, Kent

For years I have been gaining weight steadily and diets have all failed. I went to see Barbara for hypnosis to aid weight loss and boost self confidence. Barbara explained the process of hypnosis and through conversation really picked up on my personal situation surrounding my weight and confidence issues. Barbara personalized the scripts to be accurate for my needs. Each time I was made to feel comfortable and at ease. After just one session of hypnosis my eating habits altered. Coca Cola was my weakness when it came to my diet, with part of one hypnosis session concentrating on this I can safely say I have not touched coca cola since and have not craved it.

I have attended a few sessions of hypnosis with Barbara now and feel strong and confident that I am on the path to the weight loss I need. I am steadily losing weight and I’m not on a diet so to speak. Hypnosis has enabled me to change my bad habits with food. I owe this all to Barbara. I would have no hesitation in recommending Barbara to my friends. Thank you.

Natalie, Kent