Hypnotherapy for Businesses

Every year employees ill-health accounts for almost 30 million working days lost half of these are due to stress and mental health issues.

No business can ignore the short-term and long-term negative consequences that stress and mental health issues have within their workforce. Effective management of occupational health is key so that each employee feels motivated, works to a high and efficient standard without feeling the effects of stress and mental health issues entering into the workplace.

The Wealden Hypnotherapy Practice management solutions are specifically tailored to businesses so that every employee’s psychological and physical health improves by exploring the core issues.


Training solutions and bespoke workshops the individual businesses.


Do you want to maximise employee performance by them attending the following workshops?

Stress management

Building Confidence for high-performance

Mind and body relaxation techniques

Understanding anxiety with the face it, fix it, forget it, programme


Key subjects that will be covered

  • Managing stressful situation
  • Understanding the effect of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression
  • Understanding triggers to stress and anxiety
  • Simple techniques for mind and body
  • Overcoming fears by changing one limiting belief systems
  • Increase employee performance from positive thinking, self-motivation, resilience and confidence building


Benefits to businesses and corporate’s

There are so many benefits for companies who understand the need to invest in their workforce.

Our workshops and training courses cover the following services:

  • Stress management within the workplace
  • Mind and body relaxation techniques
  • Positive thinking programming
  • Building confidence for high-performance
  • Managing stressful situations
  • Understanding the triggers stress and the knock-on effect it can have on us and others around us
  • Understanding anxiety panic attacks depression
  • Learn techniques to relax under pressure and stress learn self hypnosis focus breathing visualisations to overcome stress and Preston nation
  • Learn to overcome fears by changing their own limiting belief systems
  • Increase performance from improving motivation resilience boosting confidence and increasing positive thinking
  • Provide early intervention skills to help reduce staff absence for health-related reasons
  • Improve access to preventative care and treatment for a wider range of psychological and physical health problems
  • Support and engage on return to work processes

Being fully engaged with our employees will result in a stronger happier and far more efficient workforce which ultimately impacts on every level of a company. Creating a healthier workplace and workforce will not only protect and enhance your image and reputation as a good employer but also with every single person that you employee deals with both inside and outside of the office.

All of us at The Wealden Hypnotherapy Practice are experts in helping employees deal with their psychological issues, teach them self-awareness on both stress and mental health issues and how this intern affects their work performance. By supporting your work force you will help to reduce a significant amount of sick days lost every year and ensure that each one of your employee’s has the incentive to maximise their productivity within their working environment.