Coffee Break or Coffee Fix

Coffee break or Coffee fix

Coffee, is it good or bad for us? Almost everyone I know drinks coffee.

Now I know what it’s like to adore coffee, my love affair with what felt was my best friend lasted for over 10 years. I remember that 1st cup of coffee in the morning and the kick that it gave me to start my day seeing clients. Between each client I would have another cup of coffee and then on my days off I would like nothing better than to visit my local Starbucks and have a skinny latte with a touch of caramel while I chat to my friends.

But over time my body began to nag me with headaches, poor sleep and severe irritability, so just over a year ago I decided to go caffeine free. I got my body back to a place where it felt calmer and when my body clock could finally know where it stood.

So why is coffee such a hot topic in today’s media health circles? Now whilst there are many controversies about coffees anything from the prevention of Parkinson’s disease to breast cancer, it does seem that research shows that caffeine in coffee might be the culprit responsible for the secretion of high levels of insulin from the pancreas. Now considering that diabetes affects 1.7 billion people worldwide then perhaps even this fact alone should set the alarm bells ringing and end our love affair with coffee good.

As a hypnotherapist many of my clients come to me suffering with stress or anxiety and one of the first questions I will ask them is how much caffeine do they have in your diet. Caffeine as we know doesn’t just exist in coffee but also tea, chocolate, soda/energy drinks etc so we can very easily be consuming high levels of caffeine without even realizing it.

So how does drinking too much coffee affect us?

Drinking caffeine can lead to leaky bladder

It makes you think you’re okay with sleep deprivation

It can raise your blood pressure

It can make you rational and irritable and even depressed

It can cause insomnia

It will create adrenaline thus making your heart race faster

it can cause anxiety

It can cause headaches

As you can see coffee really does have effects on us both physiologically and emotionally. As it’s the start of the new year, why not decide now to kick coffee to the curb and begin to detox your body. Now there are some that say that when you decide to give up coffee you should go cold turkey, others say do it gradually. From my own personal experience I tried gradually and after a few days it just began to increase again so for me cold turkey was the only way forward.

Now If you’ve never completed a caffeine detox them below are just some of their withdrawal symptoms that you may experience



Lack of concentration


Flu like symptoms




Easing the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal

Drink plenty of water

Get plenty of rest


Take any pain relievers

And eat healthily

What benefits we experience after a week detoxing

Your blood pressure will lower

You will sleep better

You’re general mood will improve

Your anxiety and stress will decrease

You will have fewer headaches

You will have fewer trips to the bathroom

You will have healthier teeth

Don’t worry, after you’ve completed your detox it doesn’t mean you can never have coffee again. Indeed a cup of coffee first thing in the morning actually seems good for us, but when you let your habit turn into an addiction then it will affect your health, your productivity at work and your motivation to do daily tasks.

So as we all like to say, “everything in moderation”